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Corporate Governance

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At SBV, corporate governance is a way of life rather than a set of rules. Stakeholders can only derive full, sustained value from a business founded on honesty, integrity, accountability and transparency. SBV is committed to applying good corporate governance principles in a manner that complements its entrepreneurial culture.

SBV is a company that is growing from strength to strength through diversification, innovative service offerings and growth in new business. SBV has a responsibility to the greater communities that it serves and complies with international corporate governance standards.

The company is compliant with the King Code III requirements for governance and is controlled in a transparent and accountable way by being affiliated with the following independent bodies:

  • Banking Sector Education and Training Authority
  • Business Against Crime
  • Payments Association of South Africa
  • Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority
  • Safety and Security Sector Education & Training Authority
  • South African Banking Risk and Information Centre
  • The Ethics Institute of South Africa
  • The Institute of Internal Auditors
  • The International Association of Currency Affairs.

Business Code of Ethics

A focus area for the board, its committees, directors, officers and managers of SBV is to ensure that our code of conduct is honoured. The code demands the highest standards of integrity, ethics and behaviour in all conduct and dealings; non-discriminatory employment and promotion practices; supporting employees through training and development to reach their full potential; and proactive engagement on environmental, social and sustainability matters.

Our employees play a pivotal role in maintaining SBV's corporate governance standards and therefore the Group CEO regularly reinforces the importance of the company's Mission Statement, Values and the code of Ethics when communicating with employees.

Employees are required to behave in accordance with the principles of the SBV Code of Ethics which governs our relationships all SBV's stakeholders.

Intelligence gathering and whistle blowing

The Early Warning Robbery Hotline and the KPMG Ethics line are reporting mechanisms that have been established by SBV so that both internal and external SBV stakeholders can report any criminal, unsafe and fraudulent business practices anonymously.

Information is also received via external informers, agents, the SAPS and SBV employees contacting the investigations department directly.

Alerts received include but are not limited to bribery and corruption, unethical conduct and behaviour, breaches of safety and health standards, theft, discrimination, damage to the environment, and improper accounting practices. Each alert is formally evaluated and investigated.

Internal and External Investigations

SBV's Internal and External Investigations team is responsible for the investigation of all incidents nationally and continues to play a critical role in both the apprehension of criminals and the prevention of losses.

SBV has an excellent working relationship with the South African Police Service, the Hawks, the Asset Forfeiture unit and the National Prosecuting Authority.

The dedication and commitment of SBV's Investigations team together with the combined efforts of these authorities lead to a number of arrests and convictions.

SBV has a zero tolerance for the loss of life and invests substantially in mitigating any risks that may be presented against our employees as well as our customers assets. The Risk & Compliance department is dedicated to ensuring that the safety of SBV's employees and the public remains a priority.


In the interests of compliance with the South African Promotion of Access to Information Act, SBV Services offers you the opportunity to: review our Information Manual prepared by the company and the prescribed fees associated with requesting the information outlined in the manual, and to print a form to be completed and faxed SBV Services (Pty) Ltd, should you wish to request this information.

Request for access forms should be faxed to: 011-386 2152.

Crime & Intelligence Reporting calls can be made 24/7 to
083 408 7029
All information will be dealt with professionally and with strict confidentiality.