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End–to–End Solutions

Wholesale Cash Services

SBV provides cash management solutions to all the major banks and is an approved CIT carrier for the South African Reserve Bank.

Services provided to the banking industry include:

  • Cash in Transit services for the movement of bulk cash on behalf of bank branches.
  • Bank Integration System provides visibility and settlements.
  • Note Sorting.
  • Coin Management.
  • Notes Held to Order (South African Reserve Bank Vaults).
  • Sophisticated forecasting systems.
  • Retail cash services on behalf of the banks.

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Retail Cash Services

A secure end-to-end solution is offered to business owners to assist them with the management of their cash risks. The entire cash handling service is provided by a professional team of experts and backed up by superior technology.

SBV's Retail Offering includes:

  • Retail Cash in Transit services for the movement of cash for retail outlets, convenience store owners, FMCG stores, hardware retail stores, fuel retail outlets and any business with a need to move bulk cash.
  • Retail cash processing services at SBV's own cash centres shortening the service chain and providing same day settlement.
  • Payrolls and Floats order processing and delivery.
  • Professional risk assessments of premises.
  • A reliable and efficient service provided by highly trained employees.
  • Best risk cover for Cash-in-Transit.
  • Cash management solution consulting.
  • mySBV.deposit – a secure web-based cash banking solution for business owners that simplifies the cash deposit process by providing easy access to deposit information and same day visibility for cash that is processed at SBV's cash centres.

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ATM Management Services

SBV provides comprehensive ATM management services and customises a solution according to our customers' requirements. Every step of the process is managed by a specialist ATM team while cash is handled in SBV's highly secure cash centres and transported securely in state-of-the art vehicles.

SBV's ATM service offering includes:

  • Cash and replenishment forecasting.
  • Secure cash packing of orders.
  • Cash in Transit Services.
  • Full custodianship.
  • Stationery Replenishment.
  • First and Second line machine maintenance.
  • Balancing and deposit processing.
  • Management of retained cards, cleaning and security services.

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Shopping Mall Cash Recycling

Secure cash centres have been established at shopping centres to enable greater efficiencies in terms of cash recycling and also reduce the associated risks. Cash is transported by utilising a pneumatic tube system which enables retailers to place their cash into canisters and into the system, from where it is transported to the SBV cash centre. Cash is then processed and re-cycled for use within the shopping centre.

This results in a much safer and efficient cash recycling process as cash is readily available for retail orders, bank branches and for the replenishment of ATM machines.

The benefits to retail store owners are:

  • SBV's cash centres are open during retail trading hours. .
  • This is a safer option as the amount of money moved in the canisters is small. .

SBV Services was involved in piloting this project and it has successfully been implemented at two major shopping centres in Gauteng.  We will be rolling this out to more major shopping centres country wide in the near future.

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Guarding Services

SBV's Guarding Division provides guarding and related services to the banking industry on a national basis.

Specialised and customised services offered include:

  • Guarding services for corporate offices, bank branches and ATM's.
  • Dedicated armed response to the banking industry.
  • Alarm monitoring and dispatching.

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Specialised Training Services

Both accredited and non-accredited training courses are provided and facilitated by SBV's skilled and professional trainers. All SBV's trainers are accredited in terms of the, BANKSETA, SASSETA and PSIRA requirements.

The following courses are provided to existing and prospective customers:

Counterfeit Training

SBV offers a counterfeit training course that is tailor made for tellers in the banking environment and also the retail industry. Customers can expect that their employees will be compliant and competent regarding the legislation, identification and control of counterfeit money.

Accredited training courses
  • Competency training in handgun, self-loading rifle and shotgun.
  • Handle and use of a handgun, self-loading rifle and shotgun for business purposes.
  • Firearms related training on basic -, intermediate- and tactical level in handgun, self-loading rifle and shotgun.
  • Range Officer training.
  • Firearms Instructors Course.
  • PSIRA Grades E to C.
  • Skills Programs 1, 2 and 3 (SASSETA).
Non-accredited training courses
  • Assets in Transit training.
  • Close Protection (VIP Protection) training.
  • Armed Response training.
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Risk consulting services

SBV's Risk and Compliance team consists of a pool of trained and experienced professionals who have made a significant contribution to ensuring that our company maintains a low risk profile. Due to our specialised expertise we provide professional consulting services.

SBV's Risk consulting services include:

  • Professional Risk assessments of premises.
  • Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) testing.
  • Employee vetting services.
  • Investigations and mobile phone assessments.

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