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Grant Dunnington – Group CEO

Grant Dunnington was appointed Group CEO of SBV Services (Pty) Ltd in September 2001. Prior to joining SBV Services, Grant has had a successful seventeen-year track record with First National Bank, joining as an executive trainee in 1984. After valuable exposure at various branches, in 1987, he was chosen to go on secondment to Barclays PLC in Hong Kong for eighteen months.

On his return he joined the corporate banking division and was subsequently promoted to a Senior Management role in strategic planning at Head Office.

He was directly involved in the merger between First National Bank, Rand Merchant Bank, and Southern & Momentum in 1998 where he was involved in structuring the deal and the due diligence process.

This success lead to his appointment as General Manager: Strategy & Communications and a year later he was promoted to CEO: Generic Services Cluster of FirstRand Bank, migrating various business units from corporate Head Office functions to stand alone profit centres which included Group HR, Premises, Communications, Catering, Legal, Procurement and a fleet of over 4 000 vehicles.

Grant Dunnington completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1983 and has since completed an Executive Management Program at the University of Cape Town. He is also a Chartered Associate of the Institute of Bankers.

Mbusi Dlamini – Group Executive Operations

Mbusi joined SBV Services in 2006 and is currently responsible for the logistics arm of the business including but not limited to SBV’s cash centres, cash in transit, wholesale and retail cash processing, ATM services etc.

Prior to joining SBV, Mbusi has held a number of senior and executive appointments both in South Africa and Swaziland. Originally trained as a Veterinarian, he has since been involved extensively in general management and holds formal business qualifications including an MBA from GIBS.

He has an extensive career history and has taken on various roles within the poultry industry including Group Supply Chain Projects Manager for Rainbow Farms in Westville, KwaZulu Natal, where he was responsible for the initiation, design and management of optimisation Supply Chain projects within the Rainbow Farms group. Previous positions include General Manager for Cobb South Africa (a subsidiary of Rainbow Chicken Limited, South Africa), General Manager of National Chick Farms Swaziland and production Veterinarian and Breeding farms Manager for Rainbow Farms.

Mbusi has not limited himself to the formal corporate sector, and he has made his mark within the private entrepreneurial sector, setting up his own veterinary private practice, and developing a private consulting business with clients as far afield as Malawi, Swaziland and Mozambique. As an indication of the scope of his ability, some of his services were sought after by the State Veterinary Department in Swaziland.

After receiving the International Baccalaureate Diploma in 1985, Mbusi took an Honours degree in Veterinary Science, followed by the Management Development Program, and an MBA, with distinctions in Strategic Alignment, Management Accounting and Analytical Tools and Techniques. He is currently completing doctoral studies in business administration (DBA) at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS).

Chris Ras – Group Executive Risk and Governance

Chris was appointed General Manager: Risk and Governance in 2003 and plays a key role in the development, implementation and management of policies including but not limited to Enterprise Risk Management, legislative compliance, governance, internal audit, business continuity as well as internal and external investigations.

Chris Ras is also a member of the Board of Directors of ICMS Ltd (SBV’s Joint Venture in Nigeria). As a result of his expertise within the Risk Management discipline, he represents SBV in various Banking Industry initiatives for the setting of minimum security standards. He serves as Public Officer and Company Secretary of SBV Services and is a member of the SBV Provident Fund, Investment Committee and Death Benefit forums.

In 2008 Chris was recognised by Lloyds of London at their annual awards ceremony and received the Santam Best Risk Manager of the Year accolade. This was in recognition for implementing a Risk Management Process that contributed to a substantial decrease in CIT attacks against SBV. As a result SBV was the first CIT operator internationally to obtain a decrease in insurance premiums and to secure them for three years.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accountancy (Honours) and completed his board examination in 1990. He is also a member of the Compliance Institute as well as the Institute of Risk Management. When not in the office, he is a keen golfer and enjoys a good game of rugby.

Ravina Reddy – Group Executive Human Resources and Corporate Relations

Ravina joined SBV Services in 2005 taking on the role of General Manager, Human Resources. In 2009 the Communications function was added to her portfolio and she has recently been promoted to Group Executive of Human Resources and Corporate Relations. Her career at SBV Services has been and interesting and challenging journey where she has had to establish the acceptance of the Human Resources discipline as an integral partner to the business. Ravina has been responsible for providing the strategic direction of the Human Resources role in order to align the company with corporate Governance standards and also taken on both the internal and external Communications strategic role.

An extensive portfolio includes various positions held at Vodacom and Telkom as Executive Head of Human Resources North (Acting), HR Manager, and Buyer. After spending four years within procurement and finance roles, Ravina can boast a ten year successful track record coupled with progressive promotions as an HR generalist in the services sector and has been exposed to complex working environments that have been characterised by constant change and rapid growth.

Ravina has a B Tech in Human Resources Management from UNISA as well as a National Diploma in Human Resources Management from Technikon South Africa. She has complemented these with a Management Development Programme from UNISA and a Diploma in Labour Law from GIMT.

She is currently completing an Honours Degree in Human Resource Management through the University of Johannesburg.

Andrew Meerburg – Group Financial Director

For the past eight years Andrew has taken on the role as Financial Director at SBV Services. Apart from the financial function, Andrew has also been actively involved in the strategy for the company’s expansion into Africa and diversification, specifically the determination of optimal business models and also the pricing and viability analysis for the proposed investments. Over the last five years, he has also served on the board of ICMS, SBV’s joint venture with Integrated Cash Management Services in Nigeria.

Andrew is a qualified Industrial Engineer and Chartered Accountant. His articles were completed with Moores Rowland in Port Elizabeth and in addition to this he also holds a Higher Diploma in taxation. He has also served on the board of the SAIL Group and the Lewis Group where he played an integral role in listing both of the companies. At Lewis he also acted as the Company Secretary.

Outside of the working environment, Andrew participates in sports activities and loves spending time with his children.

Ian Plaatjes – Chief Information Officer

Ian joined SBV Services in April 2012 and has brought with him a wealth of knowledge as well as 28 years of experience within a technology driven environment. His portfolio involves developing and implementing the IT strategy to support both SBV’s and the Cash Industry’s strategic goals. He is also responsible for the Infrastructure, Design, Building, System Maintenance, Business Intelligence, Delivery, Business Analysis and Testing of systems. In addition to this Ian manages all of the strategic group initiatives and projects in collaboration with the rest of the business.

Ian’s expertise not only lies in the technological field but he also has a passion for people, strategy, business development and leadership development. He holds an MBA in Business Administration, a BA Degree in Sociology and Psychology as well as various Diplomas in Project Management and telecommunications.

Having been involved in various Executive and Senior Management roles, he has facilitated development courses, led and mentored teams as well as researched and implemented self-directed (high performance) work teams. With an extensive portfolio at Telkom, De Beers and ABSA, responsibilities included the establishment and management of multi-Billion/Million Rand programmes, the implementation of project management methodologies and processes; the implementation of numerous principle risk frameworks as well as the management of various Transformation initiatives.

In addition to this he has been involved in the establishment of vendor and contract management centers of excellence, the preparation and management of multi-million rand budgets and business cases as well as the development of business strategies for multi-million Rand capital investments within Telkom, De Beers and Absa.

His passion for people has seen him facilitate various Life-Line Interpersonal skills training courses and also volunteer as a counselor for 12 years.

Stephan Botha – Group Executive: Strategy and Innovation

Before taking on this position he was at different times, the General Manager of Cash Operations and Business Development, General Manager Business Development and Director, Africa Markets. He also spent almost five years in Nigeria as the start-up MD / CEO of ICMS (Integrated Cash Management Services) a subsidiary of SBV in Nigeria. He holds three Masters Degrees in three disciplines, i.e. Labour Relations, Business Management and Leadership.


SBV People

SBV's success is attributed to its people - the driving force behind the business and is committed to attracting, retaining and developing the best professionals in the industry who are committed to achieving the businesses objectives and are excited and driven to work towards maintaining SBV's position as a leader in our industry.

A thorough recruitment process is followed including psychometric testing, vetting, fingerprint analysis and Voice Stress Analysis (CIA technology).

This ensures that we employ people that enable SBV to maintain high quality service levels, are responsible, competent and passionate about their careers.

SBV empowers its employees by promoting a performance and learning culture that is encouraged through training held throughout the year. This training ensures that the skills of all our employees are constantly enhanced and are compliant with all of the latest regulations and procedures.

Strategic Committee

Grant Dunnington

Group CEO

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Ravina Reddy

Group Executive HR & Corporate Relations

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Andrew Meerburg

Group Financial Director

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Ian Plaatjes

Chief Information Officer

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Stephan Botha

Group Executive Innovations & Strategy / Sales & Marketing(Overseeing)

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Board of Directors

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Our Formula for Success

In our endeavor to involve all our people in the change process required to adapt to a dynamic business environment, we have instituted the SBV Formula for Success, a Blueprints initiative. Prior to implementation, our employees were involved in identifying the key factors that would contribute to our success (top line issues) as well as the negative factors (bottom line issues) that we want to eliminate. These ideas were transformed into icons that are visible throughout the company. Employees participate in a scoring process and rate their particular center or department on how it is doing on each principle. Results are utilised as a benchmark to improve areas that need attention and are communicated to all employees following each scoring period. The Formula for Success is now the driving force of the company and encourages a proactive and participative culture.

    • Life protecting technology & equipment
    • Stay ahead of the competition with technological solutions
    • Be the early adopters of new technology and equipment
    • Invest in the best to protect our people
    • Well maintained equipment in excellent working order
    • Growth and expansion / new business
    • Seize all opportunities by creating an entrepreneurial environment
    • Proactive product development
    • Generate creative and innovative ideas for growth
    • Building long term productive partnerships with clients
    • Quick to change - flexible and agile
    • Excellent service delivery
    • World class professional standards
    • Exceed customers expectations every time
    • Anticipate and respond to customers future needs
    • Deliver on our promises
    • Own the customer
    • Winning partnerships
    • Shared vision and objectives for all
    • Nurturing relationships based on trust
    • Win Win partnerships
    • Clear expectations from all sides
    • Dignity & respect
    • Act with honesty and integrity
    • Embrace diversity
    • Be fair and consistent
    • Treat others how you wish to be treated
    • Communicate & listen
    • Allow others the chance to speak
    • Listen to what is being said
    • Give open and honest feedback
    • Seek first to understand and then to be understood
    • Speak your mind
    • Have personal face to face interactions
    • Positive energy & drive
    • Can do attitude
    • Create a positive work environment
    • Work hard - play hard
    • Live the SBV brand with pride
    • Enthusiasm and zeal
    • Recognition & reward
    • Celebrate success
    • Performance related rewards
    • Recognize superior performance
    • Give credit where credit is due
    • Say "thank you"
    • Attract and retain the best people
    • Be the preferred employer for our industry
    • Invest in top quality people
    • Acknowledge and reward excellence
    • Nurture the best talent
    • Ensure a rigorous recruitment process
    • Teamwork
    • The team is more important than the individual
    • Co-operation across all business disciplines
    • Work together for the common good
    • Willing to support each other
    • Team SBV
    • Effective management / leadership
    • Walk the talk
    • Empowered and motivated
    • Decisive and action oriented
    • United as one team
    • Remove barriers and smooth the path for others
    • Inspiring and visionary leadership style
    • Comprehensive risk management & intelligence
    • Effectively manage and eliminate the risks
    • Proactive protection of SBV resources - human and other
    • Build effective intelligence networks
    • Protect confidentiality
    • Risk management is everyone's responsibility!
    • Operational efficiencies & effectiveness
    • Optimal systems and processes
    • Work smart - challenge all inefficiencies
    • Individual accountability for continued operational improvements
    • Clearly defined systems, procedures and goals
    • Training & development
    • Develop our people to be best they can be
    • Personal commitment to learn and grow
    • A pioneering approach to personal development
    • Use all opportunities to help people learn
    • Discipline of procedures and policies
    • Self imposed compliance
    • Do it by the book
    • Take ownership and "just do it"
    • Zero tolerance for non compliance
    • "It's not my job" attitude
    • Passing the buck
    • "Not my problem"
    • Passive rather than active
    • Not doing what needs to be done
    • Negative attitudes
    • Seeing the glass as always "half empty"
    • Entitlement mentality
    • Living in the past
    • "It will never work" attitude
    • Absenteeism / lack of respect for time
    • Arriving late - or not at all
    • Unauthorized absence
    • Failure to meet deadlines
    • Keeping our "partners" waiting
    • Empire building / politics
    • Hidden agenda's
    • Winning at all costs
    • Brown nosing
    • Me myself and I
    • Building silos of self preservation
    • Dishonesty & theft
    • Lying
    • Stealing - "Fingers in the till"
    • Collusion
    • Being the "finger man"
    • Making deliberate mistakes
    • Blackmail, bribery and corruption
    • Lack of loyalty & trust
    • Withholding vital information
    • Lack of integrity
    • Broken promises
    • Underground plans to steal
    • Lack of safety & security
    • Failure to adhere to safety procedures
    • Reckless behaviour
    • Jeopardizing personal safety or the safety of colleagues
    • Failure to be properly armed and equipped
    • Negligence
    • Bad planning
    • Disorganised
    • Non-optimal utilization of resources
    • Over-committing limited resources
    • Fire fighting
    • Reactive behaviour
    • Poorly defined roles and responsibilities
    • Blaming culture
    • Finger pointing
    • Looking for the "fall guy"
    • Blaming the equipment
    • Too quick to jump to conclusions
    • Back stabbing & gossip
    • Corridor talk
    • Cliques
    • Rumour-mongering
    • Setting others up for failure
    • Racism / discrimination / abusive behaviour
    • Disrespectful behaviour
    • Gender / race bias
    • Sexual harassment
    • Public shaming, naming and blaming
    • Arrogance and complacency
    • Thinking that we know it all
    • Relying on our past successes
    • Resting on our laurels
    • Reluctant to change
    • Abusing / neglecting our assets
    • Deliberately mistreating vehicles and equipment
    • Driving recklessly
    • Poorly maintained and dirty equipment
    • Tolerating faulty equipment
    • All talk no action
    • Over promising and under delivering
    • TSTR - Too slow to react
    • Lack of implementation
    • Work life imbalance / work overload
    • Working excessively long hours
    • Neglecting our families
    • Not speaking up if there is a problem
    • Failure to question the work overload
Crime & Intelligence Reporting calls can be made 24/7 to
083 408 7029
All information will be dealt with professionally and with strict confidentiality.